Death to the Traitor

by Detholz!

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There is a subterranean region between the Sacred and the Profane -- a murky swampland of unknown size and scope, crawling with crooked barkers, piggish gluttons, depressive religious fanatics, murderous cowboy crusaders, elderly fifth-stage alcoholics and defrocked name a few.  This baleful Bayou from Beyond is the setting for Detholz! newest and most bloody album to date, Death to the Traitor.  A sister album to 2006's Cast Out Devils, which chronicles a loss of faith while traversing the Lands of Party, Death to the Traitor traces one Party-Pilgrim's Regress back to faith, a return journey fraught with unknown pitfalls and frightening adversaries along the way.

The current music of Detholz! supports the Grand Guignol imagery of Death to the Traitor, incorporating violent polyrhythms and a sparser, more direct approach to composition than on previous albums.

Central to the record are themes central to historical Christianity: blood rituals, betrayals of various stripes, man vs. animal and vice versa.

Regardless of the nature of your personal journey, we hope you enjoy the ride.

Thanks for listening!

- Detholz!
March 2011


released March 10, 2011

Jim Cooper: guitar, vocals
Karl Doerfer: guitar, vocals
Rick Franklin: keyboards, vocals
Ben Miranda (RIP): bass
Andrew Sole: drums
Jon Steinmeier: keyboards, percussion, vocals

Recorded at Key Club in Benton Harbor, MI, February 2009

Production, engineering and phantasmagoria by Bobby Conn

Mastered by Peter Andreadis @ All City Mastering, March 2011

Artwork and web design by Professor Yaya (aka Shelby Cinca) from Travelers of Tyme (



all rights reserved


Detholz! Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Apocalypse, Wow
Stockpiling smiles
Shakings of hands
A brush-up of networks
A trading of lands
Ain't it simple
When the world is ending?

Holding my nose
I get out of bed
Put on some clothes and
Gently rub my head
It ain't simple
When the world is ending

My wife is gone
My friend is dead
My name is Jim
My blood is red

And the world is ending
The world is ending

Don't let me go
But I must go

There is a glow on the horizon
Not heaven, but another place
Others have passed before
You will pass through and then--

There is no City of Perfection
Only earth under your fingertips
And the Earth shall endure
Another apocalypse

The world's unending...