Cast Out Devils

by Detholz!

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From the original 2006 press release for Cast Out Devils:

Formed at - and later expelled by - a fundamentalist bible school in 1996, Detholz! (pronounced 'Death Holes!') originally formed as a way for its members to vent anger and frustration with their evangelical upbringings and to make sense of their 'double lives,' which to this day straddle a fence between 'Religion' and 'Reality.'

Detholz! draws from a broad range of pop and avant garde music and personal histories defined by arcane religious subculture. The result is something that has consistently defied easy categorization and always produced the strongest of reactions, including accusations and threats of arrest for 'Satanic Worship', prayer circles at shows both for and against the band, and heated (sometimes physical) exchanges pitting fans vs. detractors (and sometimes fans vs. fans).

Laboring happily underground since its inception, Detholz! has toured extensively, sometimes using performances to stage elaborate spectacles, such as a Communist-Cadre/Lady-Liberty Tent Revival at the 2003 Cornerstone Christian Music festival (kicked-off with the North Korean national anthem ... sung in Korean). Following this particular performance, Detholz! were featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music, which led to invitations to join Wilco on their Ghost is Born tour and later support Danielson Familie for their release of Ships. Detholz! has also been privileged to tour and play with bands such as Weird War, Radio 4, The French Kicks, Electric Six, The Blacks and Thunderbirds Are Now. Individually, members have written, recorded and toured with artists such as The Staples Singers, Bobby Conn, and Baby Teeth.

As the band has developed, it's members have increasingly drawn inspiration from their conflicted pasts and ambivalent senses of spirituality. The musical results, soon to be revealed on their new aptly titled full-length Cast Out Devils, are far stranger, more experimental and more introspective than the ironic, documentary-style approach of earlier releases. "It has been a little more of us bringing out, dare I say, personal stuff and attempting sincerity in writing," says Karl (guitar/vocals). "And we don't do sincerity very directly.


released October 31, 2006

Recorded 2006 at RaxTrax, Shape Shoppe & Real Sounds, Chicago, IL, USA.
Engineered by Griffin Rodriguez, Davey Rieley and Sean Geyer.
Produced by Blue Hawaii (Griffin Rodriguez) & Detholz!
Mastered by Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering.
Photography by Miriam Doan.
Band photos by Laura Sweeney & Sarah-Ji.
Design & layout by Rick Frankin.

Detholz! is Benjamin Miranda (RIP), Karl Doerfer, Jim Cooper, Jon Steinmeier & Andrew Sole.

Additional musicians:
Violin: Julie Pomerleau
Soprano: Rachel Steinmeier
Trumpet: Jerry Mohlman

All songs ©2006 Monolith of Music, ASCAP.



all rights reserved


Detholz! Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Silence Is Golden
Silence is Golden
Just like it was a thousand years ago
Hold your tongue, keep it pressed and folded
Like a salmon dress or a pink tuxedo

Your enemies wear black pajamas
Your enemies wear silk and lace
Your enemies would never open their mouths
In this kind of place

So learn to close the mouth that feeds you
Learn to zip the lips that blow
Learn to suck the air inside you
Swish it around, let it go

Silence is Golden
Just ask the sexy beast inside
Let others do the talking for you
Be cool
Be secretive
Be quiet

Silence is …
Track Name: Club Oslo
Who is feeling dumb, who is fun
Anyone, anyone?
Who feels funky beats in easy feet
Properly, properly?

Freak out!
Jump in, Jump out!
I've never disco'ed this way!

See if she's my speed, take a seat
Silently, silently
When our eyes first meet, scope the scene
Naturally, naturally

Tell you God is like an egg
Put my hand upon your leg
And your body says "yes," but your head says "no"

Freak out!
Jump in, Jump out!
Get out right before you freak out!
Freak out!
I've never disco'ed this way!
Track Name: Spectacula
Who's the man in the 10-gallon hat with the girlie?
She slips her underwear on like a cat
Everybody, never forget a word I say

Do you want to be adored?
Or do you want to ride her like a horse?
Everybody, never forget a word I say
Now do it!

Every morning, wake up and face the day
Every night, your brain produces alpha waves
Everybody, never forget a word I say

Do you want to be loved?
Girls, do you want to wear him like a glove?
Everybody, never forget a word I say


Are you sweating out your sheets at night?
Are you getting excited about the new reality television?
Well then, repeat after me

Never forget a word I say
Never forget a word
Now Spectacula says:
Track Name: Cast Out Devils
Pass out outside
Do it
Head is covered under a separation
Germans in the hot night fly through it
Feeling calm, a thousand bombs blasting Britain

Radio, radio
Pick him up and drive him home
The wife is on the phone
From the the hall of the gods of war
In the light of the night grocery store

I think I believe
In life worth living
I know that I need
Space to live in

Dust collects and blood clots in the shower
Stumble backward, lost the medication
Locked it in the car, pry off the sunroof
Swallow whole with milk you stole from the priesthood

Sinuses full of mother and dad
Blowing Krishnamurti‘s “I Am That”
Lips of a prophet
Nails of a thief
Scratch for whiskey in the summer heat

I think I believe
In the world of Satan
I know that I need
Space to make him.
Track Name: Chapel of Love
I'm cashing it out
You're cashing it in
I'm paying you, girlfriend
But before we begin
My wallet is full of glitter and lace
My pants are enlarging
You're running in place

I'm living it up!

We gonna get married
We gonna get stoned
Someday we'll play shuffleboard
In a retirement home
Well, you are a gypsy
And I'm a man of the Book
When you're telling my future
Don't you give me that look

I'm living it up!

Now we're living together
Now we're living apart
Now we're selling our daughter
To the pimp in the park
(Check out of the chapel)
A sparkling romance
(Check out through the back door)
I think I'm gonna throw up
Lean out of the window
Give it up, give it up!

I'm living it up!

(Check out of the chapel)
Check in with the preacher
(Check out through the back door)
Give it up, give it up!
Chapel of Love
It's the way they do business
In the state of Nevada
Chapel of Love
Track Name: Utopiathon
In the afternoon you stop and smell a flower by your shin
On your way somewhere the sun demands information from your skin
You’re going inside, you’re sitting inside the building
Indian style
There’s a wheel spinning clockwise on television
And in your mind, you smile

You’re a little boy or a little girl
Born and raised in a beautiful world
You sit by the window peeking out
Make it up or you won’t make it out

There’s an oriental rug laying on the floor where you walk
There’s some serious men standing at the door, who want to talk
Let them inside, they’re waiting inside the building with your files
Binding you up with cords of love
Injecting the drugs
You sigh and smile

You’re a little boy or a little girl
Born and raised in a beautiful world
There are no windows in this room
Inside it’s dark like an empty tomb

(Don’t let me out without it)
Track Name: Boy in the Bubble
Look inside
Small and white
Roll around your eyes

Hide and hide
You were nice
In my former life

Don't believe it when I lie
I will never say goodbye
To the bubble

All the sudden press a button
Forget I never forget

Go to places
Furnished and spacious
Having a wonderful time

I am never gonna die
I will never say goodbye
To the bubble

I remember
Last December
I remember you left me there

Hard to get on
Internet but
I'll make a new memory there

I will never be your friend
If I never touch you again
I will live forever

And I will never say goodbye
To the bubble
Track Name: Behold the Man
Spills all over the earth.
I wait it out under a cloud
Cross, silver cross around your neck
So many years

Someone is singing:
'Behold the man'

A man is made of wood.
I bit the nails, I spit them out
Machine, machine machine
How many years?

Blind lead the blind
Blind into paradise
No more pain, no more remembering
The healing and the saving

Behold the man
Track Name: Psychotherapy
(Talk about your mother)
(Talk about your father)

I think I need a professional
Give to me, give to me straight

Talk about your mother
An Indiana beauty queen
Talk about your father
Making out in a limousine, singing
"Oo, oo, oo!"
The clock is running
So spend the money
Picking up the pieces
Put 'em back together
Talk about the future
Talk about the weather

"Do you think this relates to Oedipus Rex?
Can I pay for this session with a traveler's check?
I just want to have the sex of a professional!"

(Talk about your mother)
(Talk about your father)

How did I get like this?
I think you're making it up as you go along

Talk about your girlfriend
Tongue-kissing a computer screen
Talk about your boyfriend
Making love to a magazine, singing
"Oo, oo, oo!"
Dissect the problem
Analyze the problem
Pick up the pieces
Put them back together
Gonna make an improvement
Gonna make things better

Do you think this prescription will help me relax
From the migraine headaches and the panic attacks?
I lash out in anger at the people at work
I can't remember why I get up for church
Make me over, make it hurt

(Talk about your mother)
(Talk about your father)

How did I get like this?
I think I'm making it up as I go along...
Track Name: IMA Believer
When you open your eyes
Will you continue to rise?
You are floating and, oh, so supernatural
I believe it!
When you sip from the cup
When you are shaking it up
Well it's a miracle, so pan-American
I believe it!

I.M.A. believer!

Sitting under the stars.
Inside the USSR
But I'm afraid of communists and Catholics
I believe it!
Back in the US of A
The holy wheelchair brigade
Is rolling seven times around the parapets
I believe it!

I.M.A. believer!

I trust the man in the suit
To speak of spiritual fruit
But all his power is wrapped up in a Pompadour
I believe it!
After a laying on of hands
We'll be making our demands
So put your hands right up to the screen and say,
"I believe it!"

I.M.A . believer!
Track Name: Smellovision
We've been frozen for ages
On a tundra of foam
We are losing our faculties

I can't say that I love you
I can't say much at all
I can smell that you're near me

The program is over
The commercial is on
I can't turn my head to turn you on

The temperature's dropping
I no longer draw breath
Watching over and over
The scene of my death

Maybe I'll talk to Jesus
And pretend that He's there
Tell Him I've lived a lifetime
On the air

The channels are changing
The broadcast is live
In the middle of the night
What are you watching?
Can I watch what you're watching?

Sitting around
One more minute...